Are you available?

Are you able to fill out my booking form appropriately? If so I would love to have you on my calendar.

Where are you located?

In North Scottsdale, Arizona by the famous Paradise Valley. Home to David spade and Phil Mickelson just to name a few. The best cross streets you can reference is N. Scottsdale Rd. and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

Do you ever come to my city?

Due to circumstances in my personal life I am completely unable to tour. But you are more than welcome to book an FMTY just like everybody else does when they need a quick dose of Venus.

why don’t you charge a deposit

Because I believe in good faith. However, if you do fuck up this privilege, not only will you be charged a cancellation fee but next time you try to book with me, I will require a 30% deposit for your next booking until you can prove yourself to be reliable.

What’s the fastest way to get screened?

LinkedIn page, business card, work badge or drivers.

license Using references takes the longest because I have no control over when those references might get back to me.

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